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The A to Z of Music Genres

TRANSLATION : A to Z of Music


Music Genres beginning with A

DJ Disc Jockey

An absolute shed load of musical genres beginning with the letter A. My favourite is top of the list - Acappella - that takes some skill that does - to come up with music from the mouth and the mouth alone.

Acappella – any singing performed without any background music/instruments.

Acid house – psychedelic style of house

Acid jazz – psychedelic style of jazz influenced heavily by funk and hip-hop production

Acid rock – a form of psychedelic rock, characterized with long instrumental solos, few (if any) lyrics and musical improvisation

Acid techno – a form of techno that developed out of acid house.

Acoustic – a music that solely or primarily uses instruments which produce sound through entirely acoustic means, as opposed to electric or electronic means.

Adult contemporary – a broad term for any music with lush and soothing qualities, and a focus on melody and harmony.

Afrobeat – a large-scaled and energetic combination of Yoruba, highlife, jazz, and funk music.

Afro-Cuban jazz – style of jazz influenced by traditional Afro-Cuban music.

Afropop – a genre of African popular music.

Aleatoric – music the compositi of which is partially left to chance

Alternative country – any style of country that deviates from the normal

Alternative dance – any combination of rock and electronic dance music

Alternative hip hop – any style of hip hop that deviates from the norm

Alternative metal – any style of heavy metal that deviates from the norm

Alternative R&B – any style of R&B that deviates from the norm

Alternative rock – any style of rock that deviates from the norm

Ambient – a form of incredibly slow electronic music that uses long repetitive sounds to generate a sense of calm and atmosphere.

Ambient house – a combination of acid house and ambient music.

Americana – a combination of all forms of roots music – folk, country, and blues

Anarcho-punk - punk rock with anarchist themes.

Anasheed – Islamic vocal music, usually sung a capella, or accompanied by a daff.

Ancient – music created in the early stages of literate cultures.

Anatolian rock - a fusion of Turkish folk and rock

Anime – music, usually J-pop, used in anime soundtracks

Anti-folk – a mocking subgenre of folk that subverts the earnest, politically-informed lyrics of folk-revivalists.

Apala – Nigerian music originally used by the Yoruba people to wake worshippers after fasting during Ramadan.

Arabic pop – pop music informed by traditional Arabic styles.

Argentine rock – rock music informed by traditional Argentine styles.

Ars antiqua – European music from the Late Middle Ages, which advanced concepts of rhythm.

Ars nova – style of French music from the Late Middle Ages, rejected fiercely by the Catholic Church.

Ars subtilior – style of French music from the Late Middle Ages.

Art pop – experimental or avant-garde pop music

Art punk – experimental or avant-garde punk music

Art rock – experimental or avant-garde rock music

Ashik – music performed by mystic or travelling Turkish, Azerbaijan, Georgian, Armenian, and Iranian bands, using vocals and the saz, performed since ancient times.

Assyrian pop music - pop, folk and dance music informed by traditional Assyrian styles.

Australian country – country music performed by Australians

Australian pub rock – style of hard rock founded in and drawing on themes native to Australian inner-city and suburban pubs and drinking establishments

Australian hip hop – hip hop performed by Australians

Avant-garde – music considered to be ahead of its time, often using new, unusual, or experimental elements, or fusing pre-existing genres.

Avant-garde jazz – experimental or avant-garde jazz music

Avant-garde metal – experimental or avant-garde heavy metal or hard rock

Avant-punk – experimental punk music

Axé – style of Salvadorian, Bahian, and Brazilian music informed by Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian styles

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A to Z of Music Genres



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