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The A to Z of Music Genres

TRANSLATION : A to Z of Music


Music Genres beginning with D

DJ Disc Jockey

Where would the D musical genre section be without Disco - the dominator of this list for sure. Dance also begins with a D you know so get up and shake it …. D,D,D, Dance - You Can Do It !

Dabke – Arabic folk dance music, often played at weddings

Dadra – light vocal style of Hindustani classical music, originating from the Bundelkhand region

Dadra tala – a style of Hindustani classical music which utilizes six beats in two equal rows of three

Daina – Latvian folk music

Daina – Lithuanian folk music

Dance – any music designed to make the listener dance. Also known as club music, an offshoot to electronic music which gave rise to EDM.

Dance-pop – pop music with an emphasis on dance rhythms, fusion of dance and pop musical styles.

Dance-punk – a grittier and rawer form of new wave music, linked heavily to the contemporary indie scene

Dance-rock – fusion of post-punk and post-disco, linked heavily to the new wave

Dancehall – Jamaican pop music that abandons reggae's roots influences for a slicker, EDM-inspired production

Dangdut – melodic and heavily optimistic form of Indonesian pop

Danger – any music that will, somehow, potentially harm either the performers or the audience, linked heavily to noise rock

Dansband – Swedish folk music

Danza – Puerto Rican style of music that accompanies the ballroom-influenced dance of the same name

Danzón – Cuban dance music

Dappan koothu – Indian folk dance music, popular in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, often used as filmi music in the movies produced in those states

Dark ambient – style of ambient music that creates a feeling of dread and foreboding, rather than the relaxation given off by most ambient

Dark cabaret – fusion of cabaret and gothic rock

Darkcore – chaotic and sinister style of jungle, which relied on pitch-shifting and horror movie audio samples

Dark pop – fusion of industrial/goth rock synthesizers with hip hop/techno drums

Dark rock – fusion of gothic and alternative rock

Darkstep – style of darkcore jungle that takes its signature sinister feel and fuses it with upbeat breakbeats and ambient noises, creating an excessively chaotic tone

Dark wave – excessively pessimistic style of post-punk, which relied on tales of realistic sorrow, rather than the fantasy elements of the then-popular gothic rock

De dragoste – Romanian love music

Deathcore – fusion of death metal and metalcore

Deathgrind – fusion of death metal and grindcore

Death industrial – fusion of death and industrial metal, linked heavily to the power electronics scene

Death metal – Extreme metal known for its distorted guitar structure, growling vocals, blast beat drumming and dark or violent lyrics.

Death-doom – fusion of death and doom metal

Death rock – style of gothic rock known for its scratchy guitars, and lyrics focusing on supernatural and pessimistic themes, sometimes delving into intentionally campy horror themes

Décima – Hispanic genre of sung poetry

Delta blues – blues music performed by inhabitants of the Mississippi Delta

Deep house – form of Chicago house, inspired by jazz and soul music

Dementia – bizarre form of comedic avant-garde played by Dr. Demento

Descarga – a genre of improvised Afro-Cuban music

Desi – a style of Hindustani classical raga, associated with the Asavari and Kafi thaat

Detroit blues – blues music performed by inhabitants of Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit techno – techno performed by inhabitants of Detroit, Michigan, USA

Dhamar – a tala used in Hindustani classical music, associated with the dhrupad style, and played on a pakhawaj

Dhrupad – vocal style of Hindustani classical music, considered the oldest still being performed today

Dhun – a light instrumental form of Hindustani classical music

Digital hardcore – fusion of hardcore punk and hardcore techno, known for its far-left lyrics

Dirge – a song of mourning, often played at a funeral

Dirty rap – hip hop with sexual and pornographic themes

Disco – a form of music to dance to with elements of soul, pop and salsa.

Disco polo – Polish disco music

Diva house – style of house popular in LGBT nightclubs

Dixieland – an early form of jazz developed in New Orleans, USA

Djent – subgenre of progressive metal known for its elastic power chords

Doina – Romanian folk music, informed by Middle Eastern styles

Dondang Sayang – love ballads from the Malaysian state of Malacca, influenced by Portuguese styles

Donegal fiddle tradition – an Irish style of fiddle-playing from the Donegal county

Dongjing – Chinese traditional music of Nakhi people of the Yunnan province

Doo-wop – a simplistic and pop-oriented form of R&B known for its vocal harmonies and little to no instrumentation

Doom metal – A style of heavy metal known for its low-tuned sound, slow tempos, clean and non-growled vocals and pessimistic lyrics

Downtempo – a slow-paced style of electronic music that differs from ambient in that it also has a beat and rhythm

Dream pop – an atmospheric and melodic style of indie pop that makes the audience feel dreamy

Drone metal – fusion of drone and heavy metal music

Drill music - Chicago rap, see Drill (music genre) for more

Drone – experimental style of minimalism, known for drawn-out and repetitive tones, giving it a droning feel

Drum and bass – style of EDM known for rapid-fire breakbeats and heavy basslines

Drumstep – fusion of drum and bass and dubstep


Dub – subgenre of reggae in which pre-existing tracks are heavily remixed, emphasizing the drum and bass (or riddim) and dubbing snippets from other works

Dubtronica – fusion of dub and EDM

Dubstep – dub-inspired subgenre of UK garage known for its heavy basslines and reverberant drums

Dubstyle – fusion of dubstep and hardstyle

Dunun – family of west African drums

Dunedin Sound – style of indie pop based in Dunedin, New Zealand

Dutch jazz – jazz performed by Dutch musicians

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