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The A to Z of Music Genres

TRANSLATION : A to Z of Music


Music Genres beginning with B

DJ Disc Jockey

Mountains of B’s in the B musical genre to choose from - gotta be some barn dance for sure, foot tapping music that is ….  and a brass band - who doesn’t love a brass band - a loud vibrant brassband. Ooh britpop makes the list too so that makes it into my own pick of the tops as well.

Bachata – An Afro-Dominican style waltz, consisting of despairing, and romantic ballads, popular among Dominican artists

Baggy – a British style that combined alternative rock and acid house, often creating a psychedelic and funky sound

Baião – a Brazilian rhythmic formula built around the zabumba drum that later combined itself with elements of mestizo, European, and African styles

Bakersfield sound – a raw and gritty country style that acted as a reaction against the slick, overproduced Nashville sound

Baila – Sri Lankan style that begun among the Afro-Sinhalese (or Kariff) community

Baisha xiyue – orchestral Chinese style used by the Naxi people, often found in Taoist or Confucian ceremonies

Bajourou – initially an acoustic style of Malian pop music played at gatherings (particularly weddings), which has since become mostly electronic

Bal-musette – 19th century style of French accordion-based dance music

Balakadri – Guadeloupean music made from the quadrille, usually performed at balls

Balinese Gamelan – Javanese and Balinese style made from xylophones, drums, and plucked strings

Balearic beat - also known as Balearic house, electronic dance music that was popular into the mid-1990s.

Balkan Brass Band – Serbian music made by soldiers that combined military brass with folk music

Ballad – generic term for usually slow, romantic, despairing and catastrophic songs

Ballata – 13th–15th century Italian musical and poetic form based on an AbbaA structure that acted as a form of dance music

Ballet – specific style of French classical music created to accompany the ballet dance

Baltimore Club – combination of hip hop and house music

Bambuco – Colombian style based on waltz and polka

Banda – brass-based Mexican music

Bangsawan – style of Malay opera based on Indian styles introduced by immigrants

Bantowbol – Cameroonian style of accordion music

Barbershop – an art song in four part harmony in a capella styling

Barn dance – folk music played in a barnhouse

Baroque – style of Western art music made between the 17th and 18th centuries

Baroque pop – combination of classical music, orchestral pop, rock, and Baroque music

Bass – styles of EDM with an emphasis on bass, such as drum and bass, UK garage, and dubstep

Bassline – style of speed garage that combines elements of dubstep, particularly its emphasis on bass

Batá-rumba – Cuban rumba music that incorporates bata and guaguanco

Batucada – an African-influenced style of Brazilian samba

Baul – A style of folk music, specially in Bengali region.

Beach – Californian genre from the 1950s that combined elements of all popular genres at the time, particularly big band and shag jazz

Beat - British fusion of all popular 1960s American styles – R&B, pop, jazz, rock

Beatboxing – a capella music created to emulate hip hop beats

Beautiful – term of endearment for various easy listening genres

Bebop – fast paced style of jazz popular in the 1940s and 1950s

Beiguan – style of Chinese traditional music popular in Taiwan and the province of Zhangzhou

Bel canto – a light, sophisticated style of Italian opera singing

Bend-skin – urban Cameroonian music

Benga – Kenyan popular music based on Luo and Kikuyu folk music

Bent edge

Berlin School – heavily experimental electronic music that acted as a more avant-garde form of Krautrock and inspired ambient and New Age music

Bhajan – Hindu religious music

Bhangra – fusion of South Asian and British popular styles, initially developed by Punjabi Indian-English as a combination of their respective cultural styles, but later used to refer to any South Asian/European fusion

Bhangragga – a fusion of bhangra, reggae and dancehall

Big band – large orchestras which play a form of swing music

Big beat – 1990s electronic music based on breakbeat with other influences

Biguine – Guadeloupean folk music

Blackened death metal – a fusion between death and black metal

Black metal – Extreme metal known for its lo-fi recording, shrieking vocals, unconventional song structures and dark or supernatural lyrics.

Bluegrass – American country music mixed with Irish and Scottish influences

Blue-eyed soul – rhythm and blues or soul music performed by white artists.

Blues – African-American music from the Mississippi Delta area

Blues ballad – fusion of blues and folk

Blues rock – a hybrid musical genre combining bluesy improvisations over the 12-bar blues and extended boogie jams with rock and roll styles.

Biomusic – a form of experimental music which deals with sounds created or performed by living things.

Bitpop – electronic music, where at least part of the music is made using old 8-bit computers, game consoles and little toy instruments. Popular choices are the Commodore 64, Game Boy, Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System.

Bihu – a popular folk music of Assam, India


Boi – Amazonian folk music

Bossa Nova – a well-known style of Brazilian music, a lyrical fusion of samba and jazz.

Bounce – energetic hip-hop music, native to New Orleans, frequently characterized by chromatic tics and "call and response" lyrics

Bouncy techno – an upbeat form of electronic dance music.

Brass – music performed with brass instruments, prior to the advent of jazz

Breakbeat – a style of EDM known for its 4/4 drum pattern and heavy use of turntable scratching

Breakbeat hardcore – a fusion of breakbeat and acid house

Breakcore – fast and frantic style of breakbeat known for its intentionally diverse range of samples, which make it a hard-to-define genre



Breton – folk music of Brittany, France, known for its use of woodwind

Brill Building Sound – a distinct style of jazz and Latin-inspired pop developed in the Brill Building of New York, USA

Brit funk – funk performed by the British, often influenced by soul, jazz, and Caribbean music

Britpop – British rock music from the 1990s that subverted the depressing themes of the then-popular grunge movement in favor of jangly, optimistic, guitar-pop, often touching on the themes of partying and working class life.

British blues – blues performed by British musicians

British Invasion – British musicians, primarily of the beat movement, who became popular in America during the 1960s

Broken beat – EDM played in a syncopated 4/4 rhythm, with punctuated snare beats

Brostep – an aggressive and metal-influenced style of dubstep popular in America

Brown-eyed soul – soul music performed by Latinos

Brukdown – Belizean music inspired by European harmonies, African rhythms, and the call-and-response format

Bubblegum dance – fusion of Eurodance and bubblegum pop

Bubblegum pop – pop music known for its simplicity, happy and cute lyrics, and emphasis on image rather than substance.

Bikutsi – Cameroonian EDM, originating in the Beti community

Bulerías – fast-paced flamenco music

Bunraku – Japanese folk music often played at puppet theaters

Burger-highlife – style of highlife played by Ghanaian-Germans

Burgundian School – group of French, Belgian, and Dutch composers active in the 15th century, known for their secular forms

Bush ballad – Australian folk music often dealing with themes of Australian spirit and rebellion

Byzantine – Greek music performed during the age of the Byzantine Empire, known for its ecclesiastical form

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