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The A to Z of Music Genres

TRANSLATION : A to Z of Music


Music Genres beginning with C

DJ Disc Jockey

Who knew there would be so many C musical genres. Browsing through it’s Cajun that stands out for me - very unique style. Love it or loathe it, country music is a worthy leader of the C’s too and I gotta say I love it.

Ca din tulnic – Romanian folk music played with the alpenhorn

Ca trù – a style of Vietnamese chamber music performed by one lute player and a geisha-esque female singer, used to entertain wealthy audiences, who would be included in the performances, and to perform in religious ceremonies

Cabaret – an often jazz-informed style of music played at upbeat stageplays or burlesque shows

Cadence-lypso – fusion of kadans and calypso

Cadence rampa – upbeat style of kadans

C?i luong – modern Vietnamese folk opera

Cajun – roots music of Louisiana, USA, inspired by Acadian ballads and Creole

Calinda – Trinidadian folk music played during practices of the martial art of the same name

Calgija – Macedonian folk style

Calypso – Trinidadian folk music, inspired by both African and French styles, and known for its lyrics dealing with the racist oppression of native Trinidadians at the time

Calypso-style baila – fusion of baila and calypso

Campursari – Indonesian fusion genre, combining several folk styles with pop music

Candombe – fusion of African and Uruguayan styles developed by African-Uruguayan slaves in the 19th century

Canon – any music that combines a melody with copies of itself

Cantata – any music sung by a choir with instrumental backing

Cante chico – the vocal component to flamenco music

Cante jondo – flamenco music that incorporates deep vocals

Canterbury scene – group of British avant-garde, progressive rock, and jazz fusion musicians based in the English city of Canterbury, Kent

Cantiñas – upbeat form of Andalusian flamenco music

Cantiga – Portuguese ballad style from the Middle Ages

Canto livre – Portuguese folk music known for its far-left political messages

Cantopop – any Chinese pop music sung in Cantonese

Canzone Napoletana – Italian music sung in Neapolitan

Capoeira – Brazilian music played during performances of the martial art of the same name

Cariso – Trinidadian folk music, often considered an early form of calypso

Carnatic – southern Indian classical music

Carol – a festive song, often sung on Christmas or, rarely, Easter

Cartageneras – a style of flamenco known for its focus on folklore

Cavacha – style of rhythm popular in Kenyan and Zairean music

Celempungan – Sudanese folk music

Cello rock – rock music that incorporates cellos

Celtic – folk music of the Celts, an ethnic group inhabiting Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, some parts of France and Spain, and once England

Celtic fusion – popular music that includes a Celtic influence

Celtic hip hop – fusion of Celtic and hip hop music

Celtic metal – fusion of Celtic and heavy metal music

Celtic punk – fusion of Celtic and punk rock music

Celtic reggae – fusion of Celtic and reggae music

Celtic rock – fusion of Celtic and rock music

Cha-cha-cha – Cuban folk music

Chacarera – Argentinian folk and dance music

Chakacha – music of the Swahili people of Kenya and Tanzania

Chalga – fusion of Bulgarian etno-pop and dance music with Eastern and Arab elements, popular in Southern Bulgaria

Chamamé – style of Argentinian, Mesopotamian, and Brazilian folk music

Chamber – classical music performed for a small audience by a small orchestra

Chamber jazz – fusion of chamber and jazz music

Chamber pop – Fusion of alternative rock and chamber music

Champeta – African-Colombian folk music

Changüí – Cuban music that fused African and Spanish styles

Chanson – French vocal-driven music

Chant – singing or speaking rhythmically to a very small number of pitches

Chap hop – a variety of music originating from England that mixes the hip hop genre with elements from the Chappist or steampunk subcultures

Charanga – traditional Cuban dance music

Charanga-vallenata – fusion of charanga, vallenata, and salsa

Charikawi – music accompanying of the dance of the same name of the Garifuna people of west Africa

Chastushka – humorous and fast-paced Russian and Ukrainian folk music

Ch?u van – a downtempo, trance-inducing style of Vietnamese folk music

Chèo – a style of musical theater performed by Vietnamese peasants

Children's music – any music marketed towards children

Chicago blues – blues music performed by Chicago inhabitants

Chicago house – house music performed by Chicago inhabitants

Chicago soul – soul music performed by Chicago inhabitants

Chicken scratch – fusion of Native American, White American, Mexican, and European styles, performed by the Native American Tohono O'odham people

Chill-out – umbrella term for electronic music with a slow tempo, designed to calm people after raves

Chillwave – indie pop style known for its looped synths and calming effects

Chinese music – any music performed by Chinese people

Chinese rock – rock music performed by Chinese people, often fused with traditional styles

Chiptune – Electronic music that is made on vintage computers/game systems or emulations thereof. May also refer to electronic music that uses samples from video games or vintage computers.

Chouval bwa – Martinican folk music

Chowtal – north Indian folk music performed during the Phagwa or Holi festival

Choro – fast-paced Brazilian pop music

Christmas carol – carols performed during the Christmas season

Christmas music – any music tied to the Christmas season

Christian electronic – EDM with Christian themes

Christian alternative rock – fusion of Christian and alternative rock

Christian country – fusion of Christian and country music

Christian hardcore – fusion of Christian and hardcore punk rock

Christian hip hop – hip hop with Christian themes

Christian metal – fusion of Christian and heavy metal rock

Christian music – any music with overt Christian themes

Christian punk – fusion of Christian and punk rock

Christian rock – rock music with Christian themes

Christian ska – ska music with Christian themes

Chylandyk – style of throat singing performed by the Tuva people of Siberia, created to mimic the chirps of crickets

Chumba – folk and dance style of the Garifuna people of west Africa

Church music

Chut-kai-pang – fusion of chutney, calypso, and parang

Chutney – Caribbean pop music that fuses calypso and cadence with several Indian styles

Chutney Soca – fusion of chutney and soca music

Classic country – umbrella term for country music released before the use of the term to describe it

Classic female blues – an early form of blues music known for its female vocalists

Classical – umbrella term for Western art music known for its use of large orchestras and staff notation

Classical period – a clearer, slicker form of Western art music performed in the 18th and 19th centuries, known for its emphasis on homophones and melody

Close harmony – any music with notes performed in a close range

Coladeira – Cape Verdean folk music

Coldwave – French post-punk

Combined rhythm – Dutch Antillean folk music inspired by zouk, merengue, and soca

Comedy music – any music that incorporates heavy themes of humor and comedy

Comedy rap – fusion of comedy and hip hop music

Comedy rock – fusion of comedy and rock music

Comic opera – fusion of comedy and opera music

Compas – a modernized form of Haitian meringue music

Concerto – a three-part classical piece in which one instrument takes lead and is backed by an orchestra

Concerto grosso – a form of baroque concerto in which the soloists and orchestra alternate playing

Conga – Cuban music played to accompany the dance of the same name

Conjunto – fusion of Mexican and German styles developed by Mexican-Americans who had bought German instruments in Texas

Contemporary Christian music – pop music with overt Christian themes

Contemporary R&B – a style of R&B music popular in the 21st century that combines soul-inspired vocals with hip-hop and EDM-inspired production

Contradanza – 19th century Cuban dance music

Cool jazz – a relaxed, downtempo form of jazz heavily inspired by classical music, that existed as a reaction to the fast-paced bebop

Coon song – music about black stereotypes

Corrido – Mexican storytelling ballad

Country – American roots music played with acoustic guitars, banjos, fiddles, and harmonicas

Country blues – fusion of country and blues music

Country folk – fusion of country and folk music

Country pop – fusion of country and pop music

Country rap – fusion of country and hip hop music

Country rock – fusion of country and rock music

Coupé-Décalé – Ivorian-French EDM drawing on zouk and African influences

Cowpunk – fusion of country and punk rock music

Cretan – Greek folk music performed by inhabitants of the island of Crete

Crossover thrash – fusion of thrash metal and hardcore punk

Crunk – fusion of hip hop and EDM, known for its heavy basslines and shouted, call-and-response vocals

Crunkcore – fusion of crunk and screamo

Crust punk – fusion of anarcho- and hardcore punk and extreme metal

Csárdás – Hungarian folk music

Cuarteto – Argentinian merengue music, originating in the city of Cordoba, and influenced also by Spanish and Italian styles

Cueca – umbrella term for Argentinian, Chilean, and Bolivian styles

Cumbia – fusion of Colombian folk music and African and Spanish styles bought from slaves and colonists, respectively

Cumbia villera – cumbia performed by inhabitants of the shantytowns of Buenos Aires

Cybergrind – fusion of grindcore and industrial

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