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The A to Z of Music Genres

TRANSLATION : A to Z of Music


Music Genres beginning with M

DJ Disc Jockey

M-Base – style of musical thought and composition developed by Steve Coleman

Madchester – fusion of EDM, psychedelic rock, and indie rock

Madrigal – style of classical singing popular in the Renaissance and Baroque eras

Mafioso rap – subgenre of gangsta rap that focuses on organized crime

Mahori – form of Thai and Khmer classical music

Makossa – Cameroonian pop

Malhun – Arab folk poetry

Maloya – style of folk developed by the slaves on the French territory of Reunion

Mambo – Cuban style of jazz

Manaschi – Kyrgyz song recital of the Epic of Manas

Mandopop – style of C-pop sung in the Mandarin language

Manele – Romani folk music

Mangue Bit – Brazilian electronic genre played in a fast-paced, punk-informed style

Manila Sound – fusion of Western rock music and traditional Filipino folk music

Mapouka – traditional folk dance music of the Aizi, Alladian, and Avikam people of the Ivory Coast

Marabi – South African style informed by blues and jazz

Maracatu – Brazilian folk dance music

Mariachi – fusion of Mexican folk music and pop music

Marrabenta – Mozambican folk dance music informed by Portuguese styles

Martial industrial – style of neo-folk informed by military marches and militaristic themes

Maskanda – South African folk music

Marinera – romantic Peruvian folk dance music

Martinetes – a capella flamenco music

Mass – Christian hymns sung by large vocal groups

Matamuerte – Garifuna folk dance music

Mathcore – fusion of metalcore and math rock

Math rock – rhythmically complex form of experimental rock

Maxixe – Brazilian folk dance music

Mazurka – Polish folk dance music

Mbalax – Senegalese folk dance music that combines traditional sabar drumming techniques with jazz, soul, rock, and Latin music

Mbaqanga – Zulu jazz style that was one of the first South African genres to achieve intertribal recognition

Mbube – South African a cappella music

Meditation – any music created to aid meditation procedures

Medieval folk rock – form of folk rock that incorporated elements of earlier folk traditions, such as Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, despite what the name may suggest

Medieval metal – fusion of folk metal and Medieval folk rock

Medieval – period of Western art music ranging from the 6th to 15th centuries

Mejoranera – Panaman guitar music

Malhun – north African style of classical music that borrows from Andalusian traditions

Melam – Indian drumming style

Melodic hardcore – style of hardcore punk known for its slower, melodic guitars, juxtaposed with shouted vocals

Melodic metalcore – fusion of melodic hardcore and metalcore

Melodic – any music that utilizes melody, the combination of notes so that they are perceived as a single string of music

Memphis blues – style of blues from Memphis

Memphis soul – polished, funky style of soul from Memphis

Mento – Jamaican folk music

Merengue – Dominican folk dance music

Merengue típico – style of modern merengue that attempts to sound similar to 19th century merengue

Méringue – Haitian guitar music

Metalcore – fusion of thrash metal and hardcore punk; often sung melodically

Mexican rock – rock music performed by Mexicans

Meykhana – Azerbaijani spoken word music

Mezwed – Tunisian folk music

Miami bass – rave-inspired style of hip hop

Microhouse – minimalist, stripped down form of house music

Mini-jazz – rock-inspired meringue music

Minuet – French folk dance music

Milonga – Argentinian and Uruguayan folk dance music

Min'yo – Japanese folk music

Minimal – heavily experimental form of orchestral music known for its simplicity

Minimal trance – fusion of psychedelic trance and minimal music

Minimal techno – fusion of techno and minimal music

Minstrel – American folk music which parodied African-American styles

Minneapolis sound – glam-informed style of dance-rock pioneered by Prince

Modinha – Brazilian folk music

Modern classical – loose term for orchestral music made during or after the 20th century

Modern laïka – modernized and pop-informed style of laïka

Modern rock – any rock music (usually alternative rock) made during or after the 1990s

Mor lam – Laotian and Thai folk music

Mor lam sing – fast-paced, sexual, and modernized form of mor lam

Moombahton – fusion of electro house and reggaeton

Moombahcore – moombahton incorporating dubstep influences and elements of Dutch house

Motown – slick, pop-informed form of soul music

Montuno – loose term for Cuban music and its derivatives

Morna – Cape Verdean folk music

Mozambique of Cuba – Cuban folk dance music

Mozambique of America – American derivative of the Cuban style of the same name

Mugham – Azerbaijan classical music

Murga – Uruguayan and Argentinian folk dance music

Musette – French folk dance music

Mushroom Jazz – eclectic genre that draws from downtempo, hip hop, and world styles

Music drama – an artwork that covers all forms of art

Music hall – English popular music of the 19th century

Música criolla – Peruvian music informed by African, European, and Andean styles

Musica llanero – Venezuelan and Colombian folk music

Música popular brasileira – loose term for Brazilian pop music

Musiqi-e assil – Persian orchestral music

Musique concrète – heavily experimental orchestral music known for its use of electronic instruments

Muwashshah – Arabic musical poetry

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A to Z of Music Genres



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