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The A to Z of Music Genres

TRANSLATION : A to Z of Music


Music Genres beginning with G

DJ Disc Jockey

For me it’s grunge music that tops my G list of musical genres. Closely followed by gospel music and a worthy mention to Glam Rock. Gee, the G’s are all looking good today.

G-funk – style of West Coast gangster rap

Gaana – upbeat Tamil dance song performed at celebrations

Gabber – a faster, more anarchistic, form of house music designed to counter the pretentious Dutch house scene of the 1980s

Gagaku – any Japanese classical music played for the Imperial Court

Gaita Zuliana – diverse form of Venezuelan folk

Galant – intentionally simplistic style of Western classical music designed to counter the increasingly complex Baroque music of the 18th century

Gamelan – Indonesian classical music

Gamelan bebonangan – Balinese style of gamelan that utilizes a 7-tone scale and cymbals

Gamelan degung – Sundanese style of gamelan that uses the pegog scale

Gamelan gong kebyar – Balinese style of gamelan known for its explosive changes in tempo

Gamelan salendro – West Javan gamelan

Gamelan selunding – Balinese style of gamelan

Gamelan semar pegulingan – Balinese style of gamelan

Gammaldans – wide variety of traditional Nordic dance music, and modernized versions created by Nordic-Americans

Gandrung – traditional Indonesian dance music

Gangster rap – hip hop that deals with illegal activity

Gar – Tibetan chanting and dancing.

Garba - Gujarati music and dance.

Garage house – heavily polished style of American house

Garage rock – raw and energetic style of rock, often practised by high school bands in garages

Gavotte – traditional French dance music

Gender wayang – Balinese style of gamelan

German folk – any folk music performed by Germans

Ghazal – Arabic (particularly Pakistani) angst-ridden poetry, often accompanied by music

Ghetto house – form of Chicago house known for its sexually explicit lyrics

Ghetto zouk – modern fusion of zouk from the caribic and kizomba from Angola.

Ghettotech – fusion of Chicago house, Miami bass, electro, glitch, and techno

Girl group – any all-female pop or rock group

Glam metal – a subgenre of heavy metal with elements of glam rock, hard rock and pop rock.

Glam punk – fusion of glam and punk rock

Glam rock – loosely defined pop rock which included heavy themes of gender-bending and androgyny

Glitch – style of EDM based around samples of malfunctioning technology in order to create an intentionally harsh sound

Gnawa – Islamic African religious music

Go-go – style of funk known for its syncopated rhythms and call-and-response vocals

Goa trance – fusion of trance music and traditional Indian styles

Gong chime – any music performed with high-pitched pot gongs, usually Southeast Asian styles

Goombay – Bahamian drum music

Goregrind – style of grindcore known for its lyrical focus on gore and forensics

Goshu ondo – traditional Japanese dance music from the Meiji era

Gospel – modernization religious music

Gothic metal – fusion of gothic rock and heavy metal

Gothic rock – style of post-punk, heavily inspired by Gothic art

Grebo – a short-lived British style of garage rock from the 1990s

Gregorian chant – a capella, religious chant used by the Roman Catholic Church

Grime – fusion of hip hop and UK garage

Grindcore – fusion of death metal and hardcore punk with indecipherable vocals.

Groove metal – style of heavy metal that took elements of thrash, but played at mid-tempo, making a slower, groovier sound

Group Sounds – Japanese pop from the 1961s, inspired heavily by British beat and American bubblegum pop

Grunge – minimalist style of alternative metal, known for its heavily distorted guitars and angst-ridden lyrics

Grupera – American rock-inspired Mexican rock

Guajira – Cuban country music, performed in rural communities

Gumbe – Guinea-Bissaun folk music

Gunchei – Central American music played to accompany the garifauna dance of the same name

Gunka – Japanese military music

Guoyue – modernized Chinese traditional music

Gwo ka – Guadaloupean drum music

Gwo ka moderne – modernized form of gwo ka

Gypsy jazz – Roma-French style of jazz

Gypsy punk – Romani style of punk rock

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A to Z of Music Genres



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